The Orion 100c is an entry-level system loaded with power and all the vital features at an affordable price. Learn More >>
The Orion 150s has 50% more power than the Orion 100c, and features both Pulse-Arc and Resistance welding capabilities. Learn More >>
The Orion Pulse 150i takes pulse-arc welding to it's true potential - not just a laser alternative, but a stand-alone new solution. Learn More >>

Overview of Orion Jewelry Welders

Orion Jewelry Welders is proud to announce the release of a new jewelry welder specifically designed for the jewelry industry.
The new Orion Jewelry Welder is now available for purchase.

Orion Jewelry Welders are designed to provide a comprehensive pulse arc jewelry welder for jewelers at an affordable price.
The Orion Jewelry Welder is a 4-in-1 welder that allows any user to toggle between 3 functions or modes:

  • Pulse Arc mode for ring resizing, filling porosity, adding material, and general manufacturing or repairs
  • Micro Mode for prong re-tipping next to stones and delicate and thin materials
  • Spot Weld Mode for either temporary placement or permanent fusion welds

Simply stated, Orion Jewelry Welders are the ideal jewelry welders for any jeweler.

Orion Jewelry Welders